Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Have a nice day. Somewhere else.

So. I'm sorry I've been away. Andrew told me that I was a "blog tease". Sorry bout that. I'm currently at the boutique waiting for an hour to roll around when I'll go get hot chocolate at chocolati on a date. That's all I'm saying about that. I really want to post pictures of my neighborhood and the city, but I really don't have very much time these days to go anywhere but work and The past two weeks I've worked from 8-4:30 at the law firm then 5-8 at the boutique, then on the weekends. I like being busy, I wish I didn't have to work on the weekends.

Also, I'm sad that I'm missing the season finale of project runway tonight... I don't have a TV so I have to wait until tomorrow when it's posted on youtube anyway...oh and is anyone watching The Riches? I really like it a lot...Eddie Izard and Minnie Driver...How could you go wrong?

So I have something to tell you that I learned about on Sunday night over Afghan cuisine (which is good btw).

The Seattle Freeze.

Apparently it's when you make specific plans...then boom. they dont show. they dont call.'ve been frozen. or something. see, i thought this was silly, something that happens everywhere all the time. but then I mentioned it to Andrew and he knew about it... He's actually done it three times. Then Rachel, a much better source (she's lived here for 10 years) just shook her head and said, "yeah... it's true." So I guess I have that to look forward to. Yikes.

Well, in other news, I had my first meeting with the East African Refugee Community Center people about teaching ESL. We just threw around ideas...but I forsee a few sentences devoted to how adorable Somali children are in the future.

I'm currently listening to the debates on the radio...It's nice because people who come in the boutique want to talk about it. And I'm proud here because I can say that I'm from Texas and I voted TODAY in Texas. yay! (Literally I did...I'm voting absentee) I carefully shaded in every choice I made and saved the best for last. It makes me feel good to have that out of the way...I just hope they actually open it.

oh and I have a story.

Monday night I was on the bus. It was rainy that day and the bus windows were foggy so all you could really see was blobby lights. Suddenly the bus driver slowed down in the middle of the road. I could see quite a few police lights to the right and one to the left in the middle of the road. I thought, "oh man... I bet it's a wreck or something." But the bus driver said, "Oh, huh, you dont see that everyday..." Everyone started getting up at the front of the bus to take a look at what was going on. So, of course... I did too. I really can't do justice to what I saw out the window.

Picture this... outside of a X-Men movie.

Tall man, black leather trench coat all the way to the ground, hands in clenched fists with black gloves, THEN a black mask covering his face with leather straps wrapped around his head.

oh and five police officers surrounding him.


The best part was that no one on the bus knew how to respond. They all looked around at each other abiding by the unspoken rule of riding the bus (not speaking to anyone around you no matter what). The guy sitting next to me broke the weirdness and said, "What the hell?!?!" and I thought to myself, "huh.... now I have something to blog about."
So I'll try not to freeze on my blog again... in fact I'll make a promise. I'll promise to post some pictures of my daily walk to my works very very soon.

Sorry for the brainfarting on this one. Being cold, distracted by customers (remember I'm at work ha), the debates, and worries of the seattle freeze make me a bit scattered.

Friday, October 3, 2008

trash, friends and baking.

(First off, pumpkin ice cream is great, go buy it and eat it right now.)

So. There's this trash bin across the street from the boutique. One day, I couldn't get the mouse to work on the computer so I had no internet access, no music, and oh yeah, no way to easily make transactions. So I was bored. After guessing the color of the lifesaver in my mouth by the taste incorrectly for the 2nd time I noticed almost every person that walked by this particular trash can peered into it. What's great about my location is that you can't easily see me. Most people look around to see if anyone's watching, then stare into it. I thought at first, "Oh clearly they're homeless and looking for something to eat” It’s right outside of the grocery store. But, I don't think all of them are. I saw at least 7 people fitting this description peer into it; an overweight guy with an unnecessarily big coat, a skinny guy with a t shirt tucked in...and a guy in a suit. What's going on here? I wondered if maybe one guy saw the last guy look into and decided to check it out for himself. But then why did the first guy look into it? Or did some loon decide one day to take a gander? Who knows. My roommate Rachel told me I should invest in a baby monitor to talk to them. I just might. Anyone have an old baby monitor?

So to follow up on the last post about friends...(tap class, knitting with plastic etc.) I really like the two girls I work with at the law office. They've clearly been hardened by the lawyers they work with but are really funny and nice. I can definitely see myself being friends with the two of them. One of the lawyers (oh yeah they’re both complete dorks) stood in a superman pose wearing his coat like a cape and asked me if he should go to lunch like that. I laughed and one of the receptionists said, "Yeah, you won't be laughing after he does the elevator for the 50th time." I left early today for an interview with an award winning small mom and pop coffee company that's growing here and internationally. They pay really well and I'd get my own desk. (One of my recent goals... my own desk.) I got "two stars" from the Italian owner because I told him my favorite coffee drink was a macchiato and that I'd been to Italy. He actually made me a ridiculously good macchiato during the interview. So, we'll see. we'll see.

oh yeah, and I can't fit this in anywhere but its worth sharing.

Today I was waiting for the bus downtown while talking to my mother on the phone and this guy got right in my line of vision. He was trying to distract me but I wouldn't let him and kept talking. THEN he says to me, "Baby, you look like you're about to go bake something."