Tuesday, September 30, 2008

As it were.

So. I start every journal entry in my private journal with "so", its only fitting that I do it here...very publicly.

First off, this is my story: I moved to Seattle Washington from Nacogdoches Texas a month ago tomorrow. I came with two friends, my possessions on a uhaul, some money in my pocket, and no job to speak of to a beautiful house, and wonderful third roommate. I started working at a boutique a few weeks ago part time and today I had my first day at a Law office. This sounds like it came to me very easily, but rest assured I spent almost every waking hour applying to jobs on craigslist and using every reference I could. What I love about these jobs is that they are both within walking distance. I google mapped the Law office for my initial interview and it said the approximate walking time would be "4 minutes."

So now that youre up to speed on last months hurdle (finding a job and feeling guilty for having fun because of it) I'm now ready to have for real fun and explore the city...and make friends. One of my roommates told me I should probably find a job with people my own age so I can make friends. But I just wanted any job... now that I have two, I see what he meant. So this weekend, I decided that I'm going to do just that. Make friends. This is not as easy as it seems, if youre over the age of 19 I feel that you will understand. Not sure why I chose that age, but it makes sense to me. But how do I go about doing this? I met with a very nice lady who works at Humanities Washington last week. She told me about all the neat things I need to do in the city including go to ACT Theatre where they adapt books into plays that they perform exactly as the book details. (And also about Theo Chocolate which i cannot wait to go to) So, I signed up to volunteer here. They haven't contacted me about any possible opportunities yet, but I'll keep you posted. She also told me about a really neat program here that allows people to teach something they know a lot about for free. I'm talking all classes from soapmaking to getting your irish citizenship. Or raising hens in your backyard. I signed up for the knitting and crocheting with plastics class. I also decided to take up a tap dance class on Wednesday nights starting this Wednesday. I'm nervous, but also excited. I love dancing, and tap is my favorite. I wanted to go to the knitting group at bad knitting yarn in the Wallingford Center where I work at the boutique but was informed this evening that it was mostly older women knitting and drinking wine. So far, I have three outlets for seeking friends; volunteering at the theatre, knitting with plastic, and tap dancing. We'll see what kind of friends I make during these ventures. So here we are, at the ending of my first blog post. I hope I continue to have a fabulous time here. For my sake, and for yours. I look forward to sharing my new adventures with you.


happycamper said...

yay blog!

can't wait to find out what happens next... ;-)

Chrissy said...

"So far, I have three outlets for seeking friends; volunteering at the theatre, knitting with plastic, and tap dancing."

Dude. You are going to make the WEIRDEST friends. And I can't wait to hear all about them!

Also, I love the Katie/Buffy thing at the top. You're so awesome. <3

Mike Jaynes said...

I'm not sure I understand exactly what "knitting with plastics" entails. I'm glad that you're employed and involved in your community though! And blogging.

I know what you mean about making friends past a certain age. I guess it all depends on the situation you're in - if I wasn't in this grad program I wouldn't make any friends here. Really I have zero friends outside of English people. You'll make friends though.

Meredith said...

woooooo wooooo . the best way to make friends is in those "non-paid" environs. at work its sometimes stifled and you feel like you have to be friends with coworkers. but when youre doing things for fun, things that youre passioniate about, like plastic knitting par example, you realize real friends can come from those wackier directions.

ps - you, dear, are a friend MAGNET. so it shant be hard. your aura is magical and people will not be able to resist it.