Wednesday, November 5, 2008

At least we're not selling Mortgages.

It was nice to be in a blue state last night. I'm still in shock. I spent the night curled up with Rachel and Andrew watching MSNBC and CNN streaming live online on our respective laptops. I loved Obama's speech and I'm glad the girls are getting a puppy. :) I really think peoples attitudes will change now...I'm hoping that will reflect in the economy. The past few weeks one of the lawyers I work for kept saying "at least we're not selling mortgages, because then we'd be really screwed" when he would get really stressed at work. It makes me laugh.

So last weekend Anne Marie came to visit me. It was so much fun...Lots of craziness occurred. For instance, I became good friends with Melissa, a drag "princess" that I danced the night away with....we text each other now. (So forget the friend searching while knitting with fabric...which btw, I can't go to now because I have to teach.) There were tons of hilarious people we encountered while am was here...I've narrowed it down to two of the best.

So right when she got off the plane, we had to get on the bus to go downtown. I knew this was going to be a cultural experience but I had no idea just how awesome. So we sit down at the back, am sits next to this lady with a dog stretched out over her lap, i sat down next to this guy wearing an oversized hoodie, jeans and cap listening to his ipod. no bigs. THEN... he starts getting into it. no problem... people do that all the time. but this guy was REALLY REALLY getting into it. I'm talking drumming, arms and legs flailing, eyes closed, he was just shy of screaming the lyrics...this guy was really feeling it. (mind you, the bus was packed) so then he starts clapping. hardcore. people start turning around...semi freaking out... it was pretty ridic. but i was not in a serious-i-need-to-get-somewhere-this-guy-is-annoying-me mood since am was there...i throughly enjoyed it. we started taking bets on what he was listening to. our best ridic guess was Barbara Streisand.

so just asks him.

"excuse me, what ARE you listening to?"

he didn't hesitate a second, turned his ipod around and said, "oh footloose." then he took off his headphone and am listened to it. then i did. he asked us if we listened to tom petty too...and told us his name was DX. classic.

The other guy we encountered was at Pikes Place Market. The merchants there are pretty colorful...and this guy was no exception. First off, remember those things with different kinds of sand and colored water between two pieces of glass that you could turn around and look at? yeah...well... this guy sells those. you'd think it was gold flakes instead of sand the way this guy went on. he was so excited about it. he was smiling ear to ear and his hair was some sort of blonde synthetic fiber. anyway, he tells us that he's "one of the only people that makes these now" and then proceeds to tell us that they are, in fact,


and all we need is a black light to activate it. (they glow under a blacklight...) and then the kicker ...if that wasn't enough, he says...

"oh yeah, you know, they're BEST used when you're, you know, yakkin' on the phone or studying," maybe it was just the way he said it... a time machine you look at while youre yakkin on the phone. love that guy.

so now am has a time machine to the 80's. and it was only 35 bucks. not bad. too bad she wasn't going overseas... that would be pretty sweet to have to claim that.

So after my weekend of fun, I went to work on Monday. I saw that the Aurora Bridge had some crazy traffic...but I had no idea. When I got to work, one of the women that usually comes in early was late, weird. Then another coworker said that the traffic was terrible and that they would be late too. We googled it and found out that there was someone dangling from the bridge attempting to commit suicide. :( meh.... Then boom. the power goes out at work. WEIRD. I called brad to see if we had power at the house, we didn't. so it was out all over wallingford (my neighborhood). as terrible as it sounds, we initially attributed it to the suicide. then came news of a flower shop being bombed in town? what ??? maybe the world was coming to an end. What makes things worse is that one of the lawyers i work for is preparing for trial. tension through the roof! i did busy work as much as i could...pulling files with a flashlight. then, after an hour and a half it came back. We found out later what was going on...turns out... it was a GOOSE.


a goose flew into a powerline and knocked out power for over 4,000 people. weird huh? didn't know that could happen.

i didn't put pictures up yet because i want them to be really good. and its getting dark around 5pm now...not a lot of daylight to work with. meh. but i will soon. soon soon.


Chrissy said...

i want a time machine to the 80's.

Katie said...

well, come visit and get yourself one!

josephine terese said...

daaaang i should put footloose on my ipod

Katie said...

you totally should. maybe it would inspire you to dance on a bus.