Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Research Grant.

So... Tonight...I decided to chill out at Chocolati. I didn't eat dinner... but I did eat an amazing "mud pie" cookie. Dang it was good. I missed hanging out at Java Jacks listening to people now that I've found a nitch...I'm listening to people talk. It's really surprising how similar coffee shop convos are. Aside from the Spanish and French tables, Christian meetings, Devin Hicks/Billy Clack, Old man and Yugo... it's pretty much the same. The people behind me are talking about chugging beers before taking the GRE's, the girls next to me were talking about Twilight (I was tempted to show them my copy of the book I need to finish before the movie comes out), and the guys downstairs were talking about Airborne. Pretty boring stuff huh. Well.... here's a more interesting development in my life.

I've befriended a transvestite. Now because of this... I may have to delete this post at some point. But for the mean time... here's my story.

So a few weeks ago I was at Neighbours, the big fabulous gay club here. I met "Melissa" an adorable little man...dressed as a woman. We danced the night away and I got his/her number so we could go dance some other time... So last week I texted him/her and made plans to go out on Saturday. Man oh man. It was amazing. First off...I wasn't feeling super great so we met up early in Capital Hill. I already knew this person was amazing, he/she lived in Berlin for three years, Prague for a year, New York City for a time, and was born in Tennessee. He/She's also written two novels and is going to UW for Critical Writing while working in the University Bookstore. Wow. So I'm sitting in a booth with Melissa...wait...rewind...I have to tell you first of all that I was concerned that "Melissa" would be dressed as "Mark" or "Melvin" or something. But I was in luck, open toed shoes, painted toe nails, adorable dress and little clip separating his natural, man haircut. (oh yeah, and base with no mascara or eye makeup which I should probably tell him later in our friendship is a must.) sitting there with Melissa and I ask what made him decide to live in Berlin. Legit right? His answer tested how well I could handle shock.

"Oh, well, my wife had a Research Grant."

Oh tell me more about this Research Grant... WHAAAAAAAT. Things got more interesting when he told me he was married for ten years and got a divorce in January. Dang. Oh yeah...and has a three year old. So not only is he not 17, (hes the smallest and most youthful man ever) he's also a father. So...We talked about life and love and he gave me advice. Then we went to Neighbours and danced the night away. A few people have asked me if I know his/her real name. and I don't. That's not really relevant to me though. He/She just wants to be him/herself and I have no problem with that. It's refreshing to live in a city where someone can feel so comfortable with them self.

So here I Jav's away from Jav's. I'm going to go see the new Charlie Kaufman movie tomorrow night and I'm buying a TV on Friday night. Things are getting sweeter.

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Chrissy said...

Awesome! I love people with stories. Sounds like the beginning of a beautiful friendship!